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Welcome to the Davidson Bookshelf Site…

A bookshelf contains a wide variety of interesting volumes covering a range of subjects. This site is also aimed at such a gathering of information. I write most of my books under the name Richard Davidson, but my informal writings use the Dick Davidson tagline, and business/technical things tend to appear under Richard M. Davidson. All of these people are me, myself, and I, as we used to say in elementary school.

One of my strengths and problems is that I write a wide variety of things, and I tuck them into different cubbyholes like blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook, and various newsletters. Sometimes I fail to keep everything up to date. One of the reasons for this is that I try to live a life and write books in addition to my online publishing.¬†This site is supposed to be my secret weapon. We’ll soon find out whether it works.

The goal of the Davidson Bookshelf site is to write new things that haven’t appeared elsewhere, but also to display links to my many writing¬†cubbyholes so that I don’t have to reproduce everything and keep every site current. That’s the theory. We’ll see whether it works. The journey of a thousand miles just started with a single step. At some point I may centralize more writing in this very place, but right now I’m playing the improv game to see what works best. Come back as I write more posts that actually contain useful information, or links to same…Thanks.

Book signing at my House of Ming Restaurant from my Lord’s Prayer Mystery Series

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