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I recently learned that during December, one of my readers purchased all of my mysteries and read them in a single month. Hopefully, she has since added my Decision Time self-help guide and Overcoming anthology to her library. It reminds me of my own effort about twenty-five years ago, when I read all of Agatha Christie’s mysteries and short stories in a single year. It’s fun to randomly pick a novel from a mystery author and then, if you like it, read all of his or her other offerings. My mysteries feature common settings and characters that appear throughout my Lord’s Prayer and Imp Mysteries. Each volume stands on its own, but you’ll find familiar people and places in the next novel you read.

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My current project emerged from a genealogy effort several months back. This third volume in the Imp Mystery Series is called “Impostor”. When I studied my family tree, I discovered a branch I hadn’t seen before. It was in England, and I found that one of the children was born and died on the same date. I don’t know whether he didn’t survive birth, or if he lived for only a few hours. This discovery made an impact on me, and it’s now the focus of my new book-in-progress. The girlfriend of one of my characters decides to do a family tree for his side of their pending merged family. She discovers that his great-grandfather had the same name, birthplace, and birth date as a stillborn baby. Who was this IMPOSTOR? Naturally, they have to find out more about him…

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