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Slimmericks: Laugh and Lose Weight

A humorous collection of limericks concerning the always-in-the-back-of-the-mind subject of weight control. The limericks are paired with matching photographs by a variety of talented photographers. If you ever think about weight control or fitness, you’ll find something worth considering in Slimmericks.

I’ve written limericks on various occasions for most of my life. They lend themselves to almost any situation or topic. When I began to consider the humorous aspects of the never-ending fight to lose or control weight, I decided that “Slimmericks” could be a stand-alone project. The humor and sometimes useful content in the limericks are emphasized by accompanying photographs by some very talented people. The credit tags on those pictures lead you to follow-up contacts with those camera artists.

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Loyalties: Uncertain / Mixed / Fanatical

Loyalties: Uncertain / Mixed / Fanatical

Todd Weatherford, Kentucky-born Chicago tour guide is seduced by an apparent tourist from the West Indies, leading to the sudden breakup of his marriage. When the seducer abruptly disappears, Todd seeks guidance from his family and learns that his ancestors were Revolutionary War Loyalists who also had West Indies connections. Todd and two friends journey to the Bahamas to track the mystery woman and unravel her suspected evil intentions. What is her ancestral secret? Will she once again derail Todd’s plans, or will he and his friends sabotage hers? Is she working alone, or does she have wealthy and powerful associates? The answers to these questions involve Todd and his friends in unexpected adventures.

Loyalties stemmed from my wondering what happened to the Loyalists who backed the losing side in the American Revolutionary War. I added to that question uncertainties about family relationships when a seducer disrupts normal marital developments and interests in the Bahamas and the pirates that once used those islands as their home ports. One of the best ways to approach the writing of a novel is to ask yourself questions and then proceed to answer them.

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The discovery of human bones while excavating a property to build a new church requires all work to stop. Arthur and Irma Blake investigate and find an earlier structure on that lot was involved in illegal activities, requiring FBI leadership of the inquiry. Further research reveals a group of foreign citizens who replaced Americans illegally and an elaborate money laundering scheme. What are the foreigners trying to do? Who killed the people unearthed during construction and others discovered later? How will the killer be brought to justice more than twenty years after the crimes?

Impasse was triggered in my mind by occasional news articles about the discovery of bones while excavating for construction of a new public or private building. Every discovery has a story behind it, so I started with finding skeletal bones and built the rest from there. Each step along the way engenders others. Impasse was my first book that involved scenes in the Bahamas, a fascinating location for me. I return to that setting in my next novel, Loyalties.

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