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Slimmericks: Laugh and Lose Weight

A humorous collection of limericks concerning the always-in-the-back-of-the-mind subject of weight control. The limericks are paired with matching photographs by a variety of talented photographers. If you ever think about weight control or fitness, you’ll find something worth considering in Slimmericks.

I’ve written limericks on various occasions for most of my life. They lend themselves to almost any situation or topic. When I began to consider the humorous aspects of the never-ending fight to lose or control weight, I decided that “Slimmericks” could be a stand-alone project. The humor and sometimes useful content in the limericks are emphasized by accompanying photographs by some very talented people. The credit tags on those pictures lead you to follow-up contacts with those camera artists.

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Go to my Decision Time! Blog for the Secret of a Great Life & Other Life Tips.


For many years I’ve been wanting to write something that announced the secret of life (as soon as I figured out what it was). Today I actually did it, If you click on the Bible picture above, you will be magically transported to my Decision Time! blog, where you will find an article on The Secret of Living a Great Life. The secret is there. All you have to do is to apply it to your daily lifestyle.

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