The Old Is New

The Old Is New. is the initial post on the new RADMAR, Inc. blog. After a few initial efforts through VBW Publishing, RADMAR has become the publisher for books by Richard Davidson. They will soon add books by other authors as well. Learn more about the past activities of RADMAR, Inc. which has long been involved in education, training, and international development.

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Go to my Decision Time! Blog for the Secret of a Great Life & Other Life Tips.


For many years I’ve been wanting to write something that announced the secret of life (as soon as I figured out what it was). Today I actually did it, If you click on the Bible picture above, you will be magically transported to my Decision Time! blog, where you will find an article on The Secret of Living a Great Life. The secret is there. All you have to do is to apply it to your daily lifestyle.

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My Military Shelf

Dick (Richard) Davidson is a member of Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) and regularly posts on their Facebook page. He also has a member blog page located at

From time to time I invite you to check that page, and also the posts of other MWSA members that are linked to that page. MWSA has a large number of writers dedicated to the preservation of military history and the creation of books that appreciate the sacrifices of our veterans. Please visit their Facebook page also. While you’re at it visit my Richard Davidson, Author page at I hope you will decide to “Like” it during your visit.

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Thy Will Be Done

The bookshelf requires a little more space now. Thy Will Be Done, Volume IV of my Lord’s Prayer Mystery Series has just been published. Visit my Davidson Books blog for more information on this new mystery plus the other volumes. How do you react when things go terribly wrong? Do you blame it on God? Would you calmly say, “Thy Will Be Done”?

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Richard Davidson, Author

ImageOne of the easiest places to catch up with my latest thinking is my Richard Davidson, Author page on FaceBook – I invite you to frequent this page and “Like” it so that FB will show you new posts there. The photo above is from a recent post on that page and shows me pretending to be a jet fighter pilot at the EAA Airventure Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I am a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, and I toy with including some aspect of their annual airshow in one of my mystery novels. Note the slight deviation from believability in the photo above – the electrical socket on the wall behind me.

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Welcome to the Davidson Bookshelf Site…

A bookshelf contains a wide variety of interesting volumes covering a range of subjects. This site is also aimed at such a gathering of information. I write most of my books under the name Richard Davidson, but my informal writings use the Dick Davidson tagline, and business/technical things tend to appear under Richard M. Davidson. All of these people are me, myself, and I, as we used to say in elementary school.

One of my strengths and problems is that I write a wide variety of things, and I tuck them into different cubbyholes like blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook, and various newsletters. Sometimes I fail to keep everything up to date. One of the reasons for this is that I try to live a life and write books in addition to my online publishing. This site is supposed to be my secret weapon. We’ll soon find out whether it works.

The goal of the Davidson Bookshelf site is to write new things that haven’t appeared elsewhere, but also to display links to my many writing cubbyholes so that I don’t have to reproduce everything and keep every site current. That’s the theory. We’ll see whether it works. The journey of a thousand miles just started with a single step. At some point I may centralize more writing in this very place, but right now I’m playing the improv game to see what works best. Come back as I write more posts that actually contain useful information, or links to same…Thanks.

Book signing at my House of Ming Restaurant from my Lord’s Prayer Mystery Series

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